Stitched Bag Project

stitched bag

I have always loved making and the challenge of decorating my house on a budget. I studied textile design and love to use fabric and thread in my upcycles. I’m inspired by bright colour combinations, the 1950s era and Scandinavian design. 

I had a tatty leather bag that I’d replaced but couldn’t bare to throw away, so I dreamt up this personalisation DIY that makes me want to use it again!




1 Old Leather Bag with enough room to punch a word

Tapestry Thread


Paper and Printer, or pen.

Washi Tape



Craft Punch



How to Make:

Step 1 - Print out the word you would like to stitch onto your bag on a piece of paper, or you could just write freehand onto a piece of paper.

Step 2 - Stick your template onto the bag, position it, ready for punching.


Step 3 - Using the craft punch, punch holes, around 1cm apart, following the script of your template. I puched in two stages, taking out the paper with the first round and then removing the leather with the second punch. The punches are quite sharp so you shouldn’t have a problem punching leather but if you do just apply more pressure and give it a wiggle as you are punching.


Step 4 -  Tying a knot at the end of a length of thread start to stitch your pattern, or word. I use a back stitch, so that you are coming up with your needle through an empty hole and going back donw through a hole that has already been stitched, it helps to keep the stitch neat and not pull up the thread as you go.


Step 5 - Knot your thread when you have finished and there you have it!



Top Tips!

- You don’t need to use a leather bag, it could be any kind of imitation leather, plastic, anything that will punch without fraying.

- You can use any kind of wool double knitting wool works just as well as tapestry wool!


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Chloe Hardisty