Golf Ball Wreath

So this is one for the brave DIYer, it's not easy but you are to be sure to be the only person with a golf ball wreath on your street! This first appeared in Reloved magazine in December 2017 and made the front cover, one of the highlights of my year! 

What you'll need:

30-35 old golf balls

Spray paint in various colours I used Rustoleum paints….Neon pink Satin, Copper Craft Enamel Heirloom White Craft Enamel, Hot Pink Ultra High Gloss, Pure Aqua Ultra High Gloss, Sun Yellow Gloss Finish.

10-15 Compressed Cotton balls 25mm

PVA Glue/Mod podge


Eye pin screws

Heavy duty garden wire

Thin florist wire

Heavy duty tape

String for hanging

You will also need wire cutters and a glue gun.

Clean your golf balls and then screw an eye pin screw into each one. I started a hole off by tapping a nail into the golf ball and then removing it, the screw then went in easily.

Next attach a length of florists wire to the screw, about 15cm long. Do this for all of your golf balls.

Now you need to spray your balls. I set up a little booth using a cardboard box, hanging the balls from the top of the box so I could spin them round.

Now prepare your compressed cotton balls. You’ll need a 15cm length of florist wire again. Twist the end and secure this inside the ball with some glue from your glue gun.

Once dry you can cover with glue or modpodge and then sprinkle on glitter. Leave to dry.

Create the base for your wreath with heavy duty garden wire, and secure with heavy duty tape. I added the length of twine that would hang my wreath at this stage. My wire base was 20cm in diameter.

Now start to attach the golf balls to the wire base. Attach using the wire, winding it around the metal base again and again.

Keep going all the way around the base, secure with the glue gun at each joint to make it more secure.

Start on the inner layer of golf balls now, securing in the same way.

Add in your smaller cotton balls, to fill in any gaps. Secure in the same way by attaching to the metal base.

When securing the wreath to the door, you will need to fix at the top and the bottom of the wreath as it is fairly heavy and will move when the door is opened and closed (and scratch your paintwork if you're not careful!). You could cover the back of the wreath in felt to protect the door.



Chloe Hardisty