Easy Valentine's DIY

I can't resist a scoot around Home Bargains, and it is actually our closest supermarket to walk to so YAY! Anyway, found some heart shape plates the other day, and thought they'd be good for photo props, then when I had looked at them for a while, thought of this super easy DIY, that's perfect for valentines but really any time of the year, these plates hung up make a great addition to a wall, on their own, or as part of a bigger display! And, once you have your supplies, it'll take you 5 minutes?!

All you will need is a plate from Home Bargains, or any plate really, could be a nice charity shop find? A Posca pen, they write beautifully! I chose peach for mine as I was writing onto this red background; some picture hooks and some super glue!

Turn the plate over and glue on your picture hooks, not too high as you don't want to see the string when you hang it.

Now, practice what you want to write on a piece of scrap paper, before going for it on the plate! The joy is you can rub it off if you get bored, and write something else!

I also picked up this cream plate, which already had 'Love' on it, I've added picture hooks to this one too...

Don't forget to save this project to Pinterest for later!

Chloe Hardisty