Bouncy Ball Wreath

EDIT - I wrote this post last year (2016)......

I have been thinking about this DIY for about 3 months, it came to me after I'd written my tutorial for a gold ball wreath for Reloved magazine, that you could do a similar thing but using bouncy balls! So I ordered a load of ebay and it was pot luck with the colours but I just loved them, they were so random! Some I wouldn't have chosen but I quite like that, I think it adds to the uniqueness of this project. I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and it is SO easy. All you need is a glue gun, an embroidery hoop, a load of bouncy balls and some ribbon to hang, and I reckon it'll take you about an hour max? So, this is how I did it....

I used a 13cm diameter wooden embroidery hoop and I used about 50 2.5cm diameter bouncy balls. Start by glueing your first circle of balls on the inside of the hoop, so that they get to attached to the flat wooden portion, giving the wreath a solid base.  You'll want to wait a few minutes between each layer, but when that one is set, start on the second ring, placing the balls in between the existing layer, they will now be sitting on the top edge of the embroidery hoop as it's laid flat on a surface. I tied my ribbon on at this point as thought it would be fiddly to do it once all the balls were glued on.

Same again with the third layer, placing them in the gaps that are left from your first two layers of balls. Apply your glue in a generous line across one whole half of the ball, to ensure the glue reaches the balls either side of it, and below.

For the last layer, you are best to carefully turn the wreath over and glue them on from the back. This layer sits on the flat outside edge of the embroidery hoop. The photo of this stage is terrible as it was at night, need to invest in some photography lighting!!

And that's about it! Let it dry for a while and hang it on your door! I think this would look cute as a really small wreath too, I probably wouldn't make it any bigger as it would be really heavy and likely to knock the paint off your door!

I also used the bouncy balls to make a garland for my tree I decorated for Kirstie's Handmade Christmas, I just strung the balls onto fishing wire and draped them round the tree, it looked a bit nuts but again the colours are just amazing and if you like something a bit different on your tree then this is definitely for you!

Chloe Hardisty