swan paper cut wall art


I've had this idea for a while and it was one of those I just needed to do to get it out of my head, so having bought everything I needed, last Sunday afternoon, feeling slightly grumpy and needing to be selfish and get some time on my own, was the perfect time to get it done!

The joy of this is I've created the templates for the swan and while the picture is larger, each piece fits on an a4 sheet, so you can print off the templates with a normal sized printer.


What you'll need:

- 40 x 50cm Grey Mount board or card

- 40 x 50cm Ikea Frame, I used this one.

- Pritt Stick

- 3 A4 sheets of white patterned paper and 2 small bits of yellow and black patterned paper.

- These templates,  Swan Pieces 1 swan pieces 2 Swan Pieces 3 printed off.

So first print off the templates and cut them out. You might want to print off the master as well to guide you as to which piece goes where. Now with your paper the right side down, place your templates on right side down also and draw around the template. Now, cut your shapes out. Remember to cut number 1 out of yellow and number 2 out of black, the rest out of your white paper.

Now start sticking your pieces down. Put pieces 3, 4 and 6 on your grey background to start, without glue just to work out where you want them. Then stick pieces 3 and 6 down  when you're confident you've got them in the right place. Then number 4 goes on top of these two pieces. then stick the wing on, and the beak and the eye and you're done! Whack it in the frame and display with pride!

Don't forget to save this tutorial Pinterest for later!

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