Vintage Tablecloth Dye DIY

I got asked to try a new Dylon product, their ordinary dye but in a pod, so everything is added, salt, dye etc and you can just throw it in the machine with whatever you want to dye, much easier that opening those tiny discs of dye, getting it everywhere and having to buy a tonne of salt, which is what I remember from the last time I tried a dyeing project. Would it turn out to be this easy though?

I didn't have anything in mind to dye, but then I spotted this old tablecloth that I think was from my grandma, it was white, with a green print, the kind that you can stitch onto,  but which look just as nice as a print. It was really grubby though, quite greying and lots of little marks. Perfect dye project candidate.

Right, so what you have to do. Weigh whatever you are going to dye, I think it needs to be less than 600g for the dye to colour to it's stated colour, any more and it'll just be a more washed out version. Then wet your fabric, and stick it in the machine, take the packaging and tab off the dye pod and put on a normal 30 or 40 degree wash. But do, if you are going to try this, check with the instructions as this is my abridged version, I'm not big into detail, it's a downfall of mine.

Then just wait and see!

I went for a bright pink and the initial results were amazing! A really vibrant even colour! I hung it out to dry and it looked quite beautiful!

I'd also thrown in an old cushion that needed a new lease of life, and both items came out really well. I would definitely use this again, it was really easy. You just have to do a couple of extra cycles after the initial dye cycle, one to rinse the items and the second to clean the machine. I noticed around the rubber seal, there were still traces of pink, so I just wiped these off with a cloth. We've been using our machine for our normal washes and there have been no pink traces! Phew! That was my biggest concern, that I would wreck the machine and our white washes would be coming out baby pink, but that didn't happen! So here is the finished article.....

I really love the finished article! And it would have gone to waste otherwise so I'm happy about that! The green print turned a lovely navy shade, I might still stitch onto it but it looks fine like this too!

Dylon paid me to write this blog, but it's all an honest opinion of the product!

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