easy peasy hoop art

This is so easy, but so cool! I was perusing the Sew Crafty website and it suddenly came to me, the massive range of patches they have, combined with some bright coloured felt and an embroidery hoop would make a great little make! I pictured the finished project in my sons bedrooms but you could do any kind of combination and put them wherever you like! I love they way they add a bright pop of colour to a room, and seriously so easy.

So, I started with 4 x 4 inch embroidery hoops, and a couple of the packs of felt that you can find on the Sew Crafty site. I picked 4 patches and played around with the different coloured backgrounds until I found the perfect partners!

Start by marking a circle about an inch or so bigger the the embroidery hoop. Cut out the circle and iron on your patch (yes you don't even have to sew!) into the middle of the circle. Then sandwich the fabric tightly in your hoop and turn over to neaten up the back. With some embroidery thread, or any thread really, stitch the gathered edges together, so that when you have gone round the whole circle, you can tighten the thread and tie a knot with both ends, pulling all the gathered material into the centre. AND THAT"S IT!!! REPEAT AND ENJOY! You could cover your house in hoop patches!! There is so much potential! I'm always seeing patches, thinking they are cool but I'm not really a wear a patch type of a gal, so this is the perfect answer! Tag me if you make!!!

Don't forget to save this tutorial for later on Pinterest!

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