Becca's Flat Tour

This is my beautiful to the core, friend Becca. We met at at uni, I was in my third year when Bec started in her first, studying textiles at Loughborough. In fact, I have just remembered, before I met Becca I had spotted her at a Christian festival we were both at, and thought, oh wow she is so cool. And then we became friends! So, I can say without doubt Becca is my COOLEST friend and she has the COOLEST flat. It's in North London, on a lovely wide, tree lined street. It's a ground floor flat with amazing gardens including bees and chickens but we won't go into that now!

So lets begin in the lounge. It looks out onto the garden, and a soon to be enclosed balcony. It's painted in Farrow and Ball Salon Drab and is full of all kinds of creatures and insects, in a perfect combination of Becca's husband Ben's love of nature and Bec;s creativity, the print on the wall of butterflies is one of Becca's own designs. Oh, I forgot to say Becca is a designer for a top brand, can you guess which one?!

There are just so many gorgeous details in this room.....

And now the kitchen, which is next door to the lounge, so also looks out onto the garden. The most striking feature are the original glass doors, which are stained and painted with beautiful pictures. The room is painted in the same paint colour ( I think?!) but it still feels really light and sunny because of the floor to ceiling windows.

That's not the only striking feature in here though, there are also the two gorgeous pieces of antique furniture, one apothecary chest and a plan chest that B & B have had a work top put on the top, and made it their island unit. I love that the plan chest is labelled!

And then one more striking feature, the orchids?! This was Ben's idea. There is a continuous row of orchids around two thirds of the whole room. It's so beautiful, and so original!?

Now, down the hall to the bedroom, which is at the front of the flat facing out onto the street.

The cool filing cabinets are IKEA and again, beautifully labelled! I don't think I've captured it but Bec has fitted roller blinds that exactly match the grey colour of the walls, it looks soooo simple and chic. On the green filing cabinets are some cool handmade lights, by Tomto Lighting and my lovely friend Louise stands in front of the hidden storage in the walls.

And that's all I have pics of! The guest room and bathroom are gorgeous too but my camera skills weren't up to capturing these slightly darker rooms! It is so nice isn't it?!

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