Pom Pom Cushion Tutorial


I have had the materials to make this project for soooo long, and while I dithered before making it I kept seeing similar tutorials pop up! Anyway, this is my version. Using lovely materials supplied by Sew Crafty.

I was inspired to make some circular colourful cushions by these gorgeous velvet penny cushions by Rachel Castle, one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram.


You will need:

- Some brown paper for making a template

- A round cushion insert

- Between 1-2 metres of pom pom trim depending on the size of the cushion

- About a metre of fabric, I used baby needlecord for my cushions but you could use felt or cotton

- A sewing machine with a zipper foot

- Basic sewing supplies

You need to start by cutting out a circle template. To get a really tightly filled cushion, measure the diameter of one side of your cushion, from side to side. This is the diameter you'll need to make your circle template. Don't add on a seam allowance or the cover will be too baggy. You will need one complete circle template for one side, and then a semi-circle with an extension to the sides of 6 cm, to create the underside, envelope flaps of the cushion cover.

Cut out one large circle using your template and two semi-circles, with the extended sides. Then hem the two semi-circle pieces along the straight side, I folded over about a cm.

Now the slightly tricky part is to add the pom pom trim. To make this bit easier, tack the trim so that it is laying flat on the right side of your full circle piece, pom poms facing in, tape to the edge of the cushion as in the top right picture. Then lay on top of this your semi-circle pieces, right sides of the semi-circles facing the right side of the full circle. The two semi circles overlap each other and remain open, this is where you'll push in your cushion. Then pin all the way around the circle. I then just machine stitched around the whole circle VERY carefully, using a zipper foot, making sure to not catch any of the pom poms with my stitches. It might take you a few tries to get it right.


What you should end up with when you turn the cushion to the right side, is this. You've trapped the tape inside the cushion, and left the pom poms outside! Then just fill with your cushion insert. I found that to get a nice shape, I needed to tack the envelope shut at two points, otherwise it gaped a little. You can just unpick these stitches if you want to was the cover, which with the grubby little hands in my household I always need to do!

Let me know if you try this! Thank you Sew Crafty for the lovely supplies :)


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