vintage tea towel stool upcycle


So I am just warning you, this is quite an easy tutorial (teaching you to suck eggs?!) AND I have done it really quickly, so it's not as high a standard as I would like but I just needed to do it rather than do it perfectly, such is the chaotic nature of my life at the moment! So, if you're happy with that - read on!


This is such a simple project utilising those brilliant Ikea stools that have been around for years and are a design classic (I think they are anyway). I quite like them left untouched but I had to do something with a pile of old tea towels that I picked up in a charity shop about 18 months ago, and this was my favourite idea.

I just love vintage tea towels, especially the old ones that had brand names on, or were from the milk marketing board in the 1970s or something, I think it's the combination of vintage design and typography on a fabric base that I love! If you follow @delphineandmax on Instagram she often posts pics of some very cute tea towels and check out the hashtag todieforteatoweltuesday  lots of lovely examples here! But on with the DIY!


You will need, a tea towel, a stool, some Modpodge, a stool, some scissors and a brush.

Start by cutting your circle shape out. You can do this much more carefully than I did, measuring how much you need to leave to create a neat fold over on the stool, I just did it by eye and cut a rough circle out of the tea towel a bit bigger than the stool seat. Then brush a layer of Mod Podge onto the top of the stool seat. Lay your tea towel on top and smooth out the fabric, then turn it over so you can paste some Mod Podge onto the underneath and the sides. Once you've done this, start to fold over the edge of your tea towel material.

Once you have folded all of the fabric round onto the underneath of the stool seat, add another layer of Mod Podge to seal down the folded edges of fabric.  Stand the stool seat on it's side, or prop it up for an hour to let it dry, and then add another of layer to the top and sides, to seal the fabric. This will make it wipe cleanable, so this is great for a coffee table too, no need to worry about spills or mess! Leave to dry again, screw the legs on and you're done!

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