Woven Bag Project

So what feels like ages ago I found out I'd been picked to be a member of the Sew Crafty Design team, exciting. So it meant I could have a bit of a shopping spree and come up with a project using their lovely bits. The loom attracted my attention straight away, I see so many amazing weavers on Instagram but I've never had a go. Here's a pic of my beautifully packaged parcel that came from Sew Crafty.

I got started straight away, and let me tell you - weaving is seriously addictive, and relaxing! I loved it! I think I loved that it was just a blank canvas and I could just create with colours and trims and go a bit nuts!

It is also really easy. So, you just thread the loom up following the instructions in the book. The loom comes with black and white thread. Then you just get going. I started with some tassels, I just wound some yarn a number of times around a length of card, as big as you want your tassel to be, then cut one end of the threads to leave a length of threads you can just wrap around each vertical stringΒ of your loom. I just then did most of my weave with a very simple up and over stitch, pushing your threads down with your very funky orange comb that comes with the loom.

I wove pom pom trim into my weaving which was really simple, you just push the pom poms through from the back of the weaving and then secure with a section of weaving above. You have to just keep pushing your weave down to keep it tight and keep the pom poms secure. All the other things I did were just experiments but I am sure there are loads of tutorials you can find online. Some of my favourite weavers for you to check out are Smile and Wave and Elizabeth Pawle, you'll find plenty of inspiration there!

The trickiest bit of the project was getting the weave off the loom. You have two metal rods that keep the weave straight while you are weaving which you have to unscrew the end piece and pull out, because they have a thread on the end they were sticking a bit so I had to tug a little to get them out. This might have been because i threaded my loom too tight, or it might have been because I was using quite fine yarn. Anyway, it was fine once I got it off. So, I wanted to make a bag out of my weaving so I needed to secure the top of the weave. I just folded the top over and stitched along it with my sewing machine, but you could hand sew this. I then cut out my pieces for my bag. The size you cut will depend on the size of your weave.

Then I just stitched my felt pieces together, turned them the right way round and hemmed it at the opening, sewing my cord handle in at the same time. I would have ideally used a coloured cord but I just used what I had.

Then you just need to hand stitch your weaving onto the front of the bag. You'll need to use different colours to match the colours of your weave. And that's it! Your own very unique woven bag! You can find everything you need to make this project at Sew Crafty.

Chloe HardistyComment