Brush-mark lampshade tutorial


We needed a new lampshade for our lounge so I picked this white one up in Ikea and brought it to life with this paint technique, is it really a technique? I just marked the lampshade with my brush and the paint! I didn't mind if it looked quite rough and non-uniform and a bit random.

I used designers gouache and mixed the colours up from the pink, blue, yellow, white and black that I have. These are lovely paints, they are thicker and brighter than water colours, lots of commercial illustrators use them. I wasn't sure whether it was the right material to use but I thought I'd give it a go. I mixed up my colours adding a bit of water but keeping it quite thick.


I practised my brush marks on paper first and then just went for it, building up the pattern as I went in a random manner. Tee brush I used was fairly big and quite smooth, a size 12 I think. The paint did bleed a little on some of the splodges that were more watery but not too much and I think it looks quite nice still.

I just love it and can't stop looking at it! It's really brightened up our lounge and it took me about 15 minutes I reckon. This is a great nap-time project all you mamas out there! I always feel so good when I've done something creative. So hope you try this out, a charcoal grey and white one would look great. Any questions please ask!

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Chloe HardistyComment