Simple Bow Embroidery Project

I’ve been slightly obsessed with bows since I was a student, and I wrote my dissertation on the history of ribbons! My mum always used to tie matching ribbons in mine and my sisters hair too, we had a whole drawer in the kitchen full of ribbons and hair bobbles, and I can vividly remember the process of finding the matching pairs, ironing the ribbons and having them tied in our hair before church! So when I started seeing bows in fashion and interiors, I wanted to add my own take on this classic motif.

I’ve designed a 3 x hoop kit, in the style of my popular heart, initial and Ho Ho Ho kits, but this time I’m showing you lots more that you can do with the template that comes with your kit, once you’ve finished your hoops.

I originally designed these while thinking about new Christmas products, I think they’d make great tree ornaments, but then I realised they were perfect for all year round. So in your kit, you receive a template, to mark out your design with an air erasable embroidery pen. So this magic pen disappears after 24 hours, allowing you to stitch a perfect bow with no sign of a pattern or pen marks. I used this template to sew a ribbon motif onto a yellow t-shirt. I used a red thread to make it pop, see above! All I did was iron some lightweight interfacing onto the back of the t-shirt, in the location that i wanted to stitch my bow. I used a hoop to keep my fabric stable and then drew my design on using the template. I also popped one on this neon pink jumper, which I haven’t had the courage to wear in public yet!

I plan to sew loads more bows onto this jumper, all in different colours, it would make a great alternative Christmas jumper, but you’ll want to wear it all year round! I’ve used DMC Soft Cotton in all of these projects. It’s my favourite embroidery threads because it’s one single thick strand, so it’s easier to use, doesn’t get tangled up and gives you a nice chunky look.

I also tried the template out on a bag. I found this gorgeous leather bag in a charity shop for £3! I love it, but I love it even more now I’ve sewn this lime green bow motif onto it. It is truly unique now. You could sew the bow onto a clutch bag, it would be great for a wedding bag, be you the bride or the guest, you could co-ordinate the bow colour to your outfit?! This was quite hard work to stitch onto, as the leather was quite thick, but it still only took me an hour and a half. I used a chenille needle, they are really sharp so allow you to get through tough fabric, and be quite precise with where you are putting your needle.

So there you have it, a super simple embroidery project, perfect for beginners or experienced stitchers alike, and the possibilities are endless with this! Buy the kit or template here and don’t forget to pin this idea for later with the image below!

Chloe Hardisty