New Studio Tour

I got the keys to my new studio two weeks ago and it is making me very happy! There is lots of work to do to get it looking spic and span but I’m in and I’m enjoying having the space to spread out already! It feels so good to have this space and to have moved the business out of the house. It really was the right time, I was getting so frustrated with the lack of space at home, and the fact that I just couldn’t do any task efficiently because I had so little space. I am flabbergasted by the amount of stuff that has come out of my space and filled this 1500 Square foot unit, all this stuff was in my house!!!!!

Anyway, here are some pics of my space. I’ve also saved a tour on my highlights in Instagram. There are four rooms altogether, one being a really light, white room that I can use for photography and workshops which is very exciting!

The unit is part of a bigger factory which used to be a Victorian Textile/Dye mill (Loughborough used to be famous for making socks and hoisery!) So there are loads of original features and safe to say, I feel at home there already! I’ll post more about my renovations and settling in journey soon!

Chloe Hardisty