Heat Transfer Vinyl Cushion Tutorial

This project popped into my head after I got sent some Happy Fabric Vinyl samples to play around with. A project quite often starts with a colour combination for me, and in this case it was imagining something that used this ice blue, deep wine and neon orange together. In the end I added in some pinks, mustard, peach glitter and mirror vinyl too.

I’d picked up a few plain cushions from IKEA a couple of weeks earlier so I had everything I needed to get going.

You will need:

  • Heat transfer fabric (we used Happy Fabric)

  • Scissors

  • Pen

  • Paper or thin card

  • Iron

  • Cushion cover

Step 1: Draw a heart (or another shape!) on a piece of paper or card and carefully cut out. This will be used as your template. Experiment creating a few in different sizes until you find one you think works for your design.

Step 2: Draw around your template on to your heat transfer fabrics. Experiment with a range of colours and styles of fabric. We found Happy Fabric’s Flex and Flock fabrics worked particularly well.


Step 3: Start laying out your hearts until you are happy with your design.


Step 4: Lay an old towel over your design and press with your iron on a high heat for ten seconds. Repeat until your whole design is stuck down. Check the instructions that come with your heat transfer for exact times as they can vary depending on the type of fabric you use.

Step 5: When you’re happy that all your shapes are stuck down, peel off the plastic from the front of the hearts to reveal their textures.

Step 6: Embroider around the edges of a few hearts using a backstitch. Use contrasting coloured thread to really make the shapes pop in your design.


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