The Mollie Makes Awards

I thought I'd write a little note about being nominated for this year's Mollie Makes Awards as it was such a brilliant experience, and I am very grateful to Mollie Makes for the opportunity!

I found out in late June that I'd made it through to the final three of the "Creative Idea" category. I'd submitted my board on Pinterest showing all of the different things with plastic canvas. This was my creative idea, as I don't think there are many people working with this material in a really new way? So, I started thinking about my pitch. I wanted to really show that you could do some pretty cool things with plastic canvas. I'd been working on stitching some 3D letters anyway, so I thought a good idea would be to spell out Cotton Clara in with them. Oh. my.goodness. Not one of my better ideas. It took flipping AGES. Even with the help of my husband and bestest buddy Vicky. On reflection, this really took away what little time I had from doing more interesting stuff - like more of the clutch bags I've started to do.

So the day itself was at a cool venue in London, we started with breakfast and then everyone went off to either a calligraphy workshop or a photo walk or to do their pitch. The photo walk with Xanthe Berkeley was brilliant. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and such a treat to go for a walk to just take photos and chat to nice people, rather than the more mundane reasons I normally take walks! The rest of the day was filled with really useful and inspiring talks from Pavillion Books and Sarah Hamilton all perfectly pitched at people starting or running small creative businesses.

I then had to pitch my idea! It was a little bit intimidating pitching to eight people, and it was quite a noisy environment so not the easiest presentation I've ever done, but it went OK. It was interesting to see people's reactions and hear their comments - most of the time I'm surrounded by my friends who always give me positive feedback (although I can always rely on my blunt husband for some honesty).

We found out the results at the end of the day and I didn't win! The lovely Lucy from Peas and Needles was the winner of the creative idea category for her beautiful weavings. So it was sad to not win after making mine and Vicky's fingers nearly bleed stitching 3d letters but I really did have the best day. It was great to get feedback, to meet other people running creative businesses, to hear the talks from all the speakers and to just try something new and put myself out there! I feel like this often quoted text from Ira Glass is really where I am right now. I'm trying to get better and better at what I do, and every milestone is a mixture of joy at getting somewhere further on and frustration at knowing I'm not where I want to be and my work is not how I want it to be yet. But we carry on!!!!


Photo Credit Alexandra Nelson